Director's Message

Dear Students

Welcome to CLCC When we take a glimpse of the yesteryears, we find that it was very comfortable for the students then to choose their career options. However, nowadays the scenario is far from that. Mere desire does not work in today's cut-throat competitive environment. One has to be aware of the latest examination patterns, and has to put efforts in the appropriate direction to pave his/her way to success. Therefore, CLCC has taken the responsibility of bringing the best educators under one roof and creating a knowledge pool par excellence.
CLCC is an institution where no student is ever neglected, and where every action and thought is student oriented.
At CLCC, students are considered sparks of divinity, and teaching is considered as dedicated service towards divinity. An extraordinary combination of spiritual values and modern technology is what CLCC is. We ensure that our endeavour is to prepare students for life by developing in them, an analytical mind, the right attitude and a spirit of goodness backed by academic excellence.
"Your dreams are our inspiration and your destination is our goal". Here, I conclude by saying that we would try our best to give you the best so that you come out being the best.

Yours Sincerely
Sh. C. L. Sharma, Director

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