Well Planned Classroom Sessions

At CLCC, difficult concepts and topics are presented in a lucid manner in regular classroom sessions so that students can easily comprehend the same. Following are the some of the distinctive features of CLCC's classroom coaching programme: » Lectures on fundamental concepts » Discussion on problem solving techniques » Solving of typical problems » Discussion on advanced topics and problems » Discussion on tips and short cuts, and removal of doubts and difficulties » The learning environment at the institute has been widely accepted as the best in Jammu and Kashmir.

Individual attention to the students

CLCC never compromises on individual care and attention. The personal interaction between the Guru and the Shishya generates a healthy environment that encourages the students to come up with their doubts and difficulties. Each and every problem faced by the student is systematically explained to their utmost satisfaction.

Mock Tests

We have realized that mental conditioning is equally important as academic knowledge. Sometimes, even a hard working and well prepared student feels so overwhelmed by the examination that he is not able to perform well. Practice Tests designed by our experts being similar to the Entrance papers, help the students meet this challenge successfully. Our Practice tests have been specially designed as a countdown to the final test, thereby gradually building up confidence of students, and enabling them in overcoming tension. It is essential, therefore, that well-framed Practice tests be periodically conducted, so that each student is psychologically well set, and at the peak of his performance potential on the day of the final examination.

We Have

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